Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Humayun Ahmed Collection

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       1971(6.9MB) Direct Download
        Aaj Chitrar Biye(7.7MB)  Direct Download
       Aaj Ami Kothao Jabona(5.9MB)  Direct Download
       Aaj Dupure Tomar Nimontron(6.0MB)  Direct Download
       Achinpur(5.2MB)  Direct Download
       Adbhut Sob Galpo(7.4MB)  Direct Download
       Ahok(2.6MB)  Direct Download
       Akash Jora Megh(11.6MB)  Direct Download
       Amar Ache Jol(3.2MB)  Direct Download
       Ami Ebong Amra(9.4MB)  Direct Download
       Ami-e Mishir Ali(10.5MB)  Direct Download
       Andhokarer Gaan(8.8MB)  Direct Download
       Ananta Nakhotro Bithi(3.2MB)  Direct Download
       Aparahnyo(3.5MB)  Direct Download
       Ashabori(11.5MB)  Direct Download
       Ayna Ghor(6.5MB)  Direct Download
       Badol Diner Dwitiyo Kodom Ful(6.0MB)  Direct download
       Baghbondi Misir Ali(9.1MB)  Direct Download
       Basor(4.0MB)  Direct Download
       Bhoy(6.9MB)   Direct Download
       Bohubrihi(14.4MB)   Direct Download
       Brihonnola(4.2MB)   Direct Download
       Brishti Bilash(10.3MB)   Direct Download
       Chander Aloy Koyekjon Jubok(7.3MB)   Direct Download
       Chayabithi(6MB)   Direct Download
       Cheleta(6.3MB)   Direct Download
       Chole Jay Bosonter Din(10MB)   Direct Download
       Daruchinir Dwip(9.3MB)   Direct Download
       Debi(7.9MB)   Direct Download
       Dwitiyo Manob(5.1MB)   Direct Download
       Dui Duyari(6.4MB)   Direct Download
       Ei Megh, RoudroChaya(6.3MB)   Direct Download
       Ei Shubro Ei!(4.4MB)   Direct Download
       Eki Kando!(3.9MB)   Direct Download
       Fiha Somikoron(5.4MB)   Direct Download
       Gouripur Junction(4.6MB)   Direct Download
       Hartan Iskapon(4.1MB)   Direct Download
       Ireena(8.5MB)   Direct Download
       Jalil Saheber Petition(67KB)   Direct Download
       Jibonkrishno Memorial High School(3.8MB)   Direct Download
       Jodio Sondhya(10.5MB)   Direct Download
        Ke Kotha Koy(29MB)   Direct Download
        Kichu Soisob(10.2MB)   Direct Download
        Kichukkhon(8.6MB)   Direct Download
        Krishno Pokkho(258KB)   Direct Download
        Kuhak(7.3MB)   Direct Download
        Kutu Mia(9.5MB)   Direct Download
        Lilua Batash(4.3MB)   Direct Download
        Matal Hawa(11.8MB)   Direct Download
        Megher Chaya(7.9MB)   Direct Download
        Misir Ali-r Amimangsito Rahasya(8.1MB)   Direct Download
        Misir Ali-r Choshma(880KB)   Direct Download
        Mojar Bhoot(7.5MB)   Direct Download
        Mrinmoyee(11MB)   Direct Download
        Mrinmoyer Mon Valo Nei(7.4MB)   Direct Download
        Nabani(11.2MB)   Direct Download
        Nandito Naroke(7.8MB)   Direct Download
        Nee(12.4MB)   Direct Download
        Neel Aparajita(6.9MB)   Direct Download
        Nirbachito Bhooter Galpo(9.2MB)   Direct Download
        Nirbason(2.5MB)   Direct Download
        Nishad(7.6MB)   Direct Download
        Nishithini(2nd Part of Debi)(10.6MB)   Direct Download
        Omanush(5.1MB)   Direct Download
        Omega Point(5.3MB)   Direct Download
        Onish(3.6MB)   Direct Download
        Pakhi Amar Ekla Pakhi(7.4MB)   Direct Download
        Rodon Vora E Bosonto(3.2MB)   Direct Download
        Rupa(7.9MB)   Direct Download
        Rupali Dwip(7.4MB)   Direct Download
        Rupar Palonko(1.8MB)   Direct Download
        Sajghor(8.7MB)   Direct Download
        Se Ase Dhire(7.1MB)   Direct Download
        Sedin Choitromas(5.9MB)   Direct Download
        Shankhoneel Karagar(7.3MB)   Direct Download
        Shunyo(5.7MB)   Direct Download
        Shuvro(12MB)   Direct Download
        Shyamol Chaya(2.3MB)   Direct Download
        Sobai Geche Bone(5.5MB)   Direct Download
        Sourav(4.2MB)   Direct Download
        Tara Tin Jon(7.0MB)   Direct Download
        Tetul Bone Jochna(14MB)   Direct Download
        The Exorcist(9.7MB)   Direct Download
        Tithir Neel Toyale(8.2MB)   Direct Download
        Tomar Jonno Valobasha(11.2MB)   Direct Download
        Tomake(6.2MB)   Direct Download
        Tondrabilash(5.1MB)   Direct Download
        Uralpakhi(4.6MB)   Direct Download
        Uthon Periye Dui Paa(11MB)   Direct Download
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