Monday, 24 March 2014

Colonel Samagra Part-1 and Part-2 by Syed Mustafa Siraj

Download or read online Colonel Samagra Part-1 and Part-2 by Syed Mustafa Siraj free. More popular books will be uploaded soon. So stay connected. To stay updated Like Us on Facebook. You can also follow me on Google+. For further inquiry you can contact me @
    Colonel Samagra Part-1  Direct Download
    Colonel Samagra Part-2  Direct Download
[Friends, my ultimate goal is to spread bengali literature worldwide and make it popular. There are many countries where bengali books are not sold. I want to provide those people with the ebook versions of the books. There are also some bengali literature loving people who cannot buy the books because those are costly. I want to gift these ebooks to them. Thank you for supporting me.]


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  2. It's saying Colonel Samagra and Part 1 is actually okay. But when I went to download the second one it redirected me to Kishore Colonel Samagra Part 2. Please fix it and upload the other books of this series.. And thanks for the part 1.

  3. Prothom Colonel Samagra linta thik ache. Porte khub bhalo lagche. Kintu, Colonel Samagra dwitiyo khondo-r link-ta Kishor Colonel Samagra-r link-e chole jachhe.
    Tobuo, jeta amar aagei bola uchit chilo. Apnar ei kaaj-ke antorikbhabe saadhubad ebong kurnish janai. Eto osadharon lekhok-lekhika-kobi-ouponnashiker lekha je ekotro korechen, emonki besh kichu dushprappo rochona ba aamar oggato emon onek rochona-o royeche, tar jonnye samannyo dhonnyobad diye apnake chhoto ar korte chaina.
    Je mohot uddeshe aapni nemechen orthat bangla sahityo-ke bishhobyapi, bikkhyato kore tola ebong aarthik obhabpurno manushder kacheo eta pouche deoa; eti shotti proshongshoniyo.